Due Diligence Studies (DDS)

DDS is an audit of a system or project to ascertain the state of material facts prior to entering into agreement or transaction with another party. The investigation can involve various components including, technical, economic, environmental, public interests etc.

DDS of the environmental performance of a system or project such as; power generating plant, manufacturing industry, oil and gas industry, etc. is as crucial as the technological and economic status audit. In addition to identifying environmental liabilities of the system or project, it assays its sustainability appurtenances and thus drives investor’s/financier’s interest.

EcoPro has seasoned personnel and partners with necessary expertise to carry out sound environmental due diligence of any system or project. The team would also be available to conduct independent review of an already conducted investigation to assess its level of conformance to desirable standards.

Climate Change and Carbon Footprint Studies

Climate Change (CC) is the gradual increase in temperature of the Earth's surface that has worsened since the industrial revolution. Considerable evidence exists that most of the warming has been caused by human activities and have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere through build-up of greenhouse gases (GHG); primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. The impacts of CC could be very enormous and already being manifest in our environment in terms of flooding, unusual weather conditions, etc.

Organizations and industries whose activities contribute GHG into the atmosphere can save our earth by seeking ways of reducing their contribution to CC. Energy, Industrial, Forestry, Agriculture sectors are among the major contributors of GHG in our world today. Real estate also contribute, more so in our environment due to reliance on diesel for electricity generation.

EcoPro can assist organizations in calculating their carbon footprints and developing operational strategies for reducing GHG emissions and make their business more environmentally sustainable.

Ecological Baseline Studies

Sustenance of the earth’s ecosystem requires conscious maintenance of the integrity of the natural environment while engaging in developmental projects. Ensuring this balance requires good understanding of all kinds of living organisms (plants and animal species) that exist within the area of influence of proposed developmental projects, and their relationship with the non-living components of the environment.

EcoPro has the capability and human resources with proven expertise to conduct comprehensive EBS for your proposed project’s area of influence and document minutest information that will aid your project plans and activities and ensure they do not perturb the natural systems significantly.

EBS Report will become very useful for references in assessing sustainability performance. Information therein can be used in implementing environmental impact assessment in manner that saves resources including project delivery time.

Environmental and Social Policy Framework

Establishment of sustainable development philosophy in any organization, government agency or industry starts with the institution of sound policies that drive actions in line with international best practice and local requirements.

Environmental and Social Policy framework is sine qua non in sustainable planning and development. The policy stipulates dos, don’ts and how’s of carrying out specific actions in order to ensure minimal (and permissible) or no impact on social and natural environment.

EcoPro has Environmental and Social safeguards experts that will assist your organization in formulating sound policies aimed to keep your activities and projects in line with sustainable development principles. Some of the services provided by EcoPro in this regards include:

  • Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)
  • Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF)
  • Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)
  • Ecological Management Action Plan (EAP)
  • Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP)
  • Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP)

Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility (CE-CSR)

The success of every project lies greatly on its relationship with the public and local (host) communities. Good community interrelationship immensely benefits business and investments. It gives the people sense of stake-ownership and wins their support. Getting host community to share in the vision of project(s) sited and/or operated in their environment drives a win-win benefit for all parties.

Whilst community engagement gets people to share in a project’s vision, investments in projects that improves the social life of the people earns additional repute which in the long run increases profitability. EcoPro is poised to provide professional services in the areas of community engagement and corporate social responsibility initiatives that will etch your organization’s name in stone of public acceptance and drive excellence in your business.

Eco-Promotion and Marketing

As global interest on the effects of human activities on society and environment rises, organizations more than ever need to convince the public and promoters of sustainable development that their activities and products are most environmentally friendly. The act of ensuring that business activities and products are developed with optimum regards to environmental safeguards and communicating such to the public has been referred to as Eco-marketing or Promotion.

EcoPro has developed concepts in this novel area of business promotion and environmental safeguards. Our professional team will be readily available to assist your organization in furthering our models to specifically meet your industry’s need in terms of business promotion using Eco-marketing. Eco-marketing and promotion elevates public appreciation of any organization’s products and services both in local and international spheres and ultimately results in increased profitability.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

EIA is an internationally recognised tool (process) used to predict the environmental consequences (positive or adverse) of a plan, policy, project or program, in order to make informed decision(s). This is sometimes referred to as Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), to accentuate more detailed coverage of the social environment in the exercise.

Sound EIA is required both under Nigeria and International regulations (including World Bank) before approval of project development and financing.

EcoPro has professionals with vast experience in implementing EIA to meet Nigeria and International scopes, particularly that of the Word Bank.

The company is vast in various international lenders requirement in implementing EIA such as IFC, Equator Principles, and has assisted her clients in this regard.

Field Study Design and Implementation

Nearly every environmental management project involves some level of field studies, namely, site assessment, installation of monitoring instruments, or the collection of field samples, ii-situ measurements, community engagement, etc.

EcoPro can conceptualize, design and carry out field studies for a wide range of environmental management projects. It has extensive experience conducting field studies at scales ranging from small research plots to national-scale ecological and water monitoring programs. The company also leverages on her synergy with research organizations and academia in providing international best standard services. The company’s areas of expertise include (but not limited):

  • Field Study Conceptualization and Design
  • Field Data collection and laboratory Protocol
  • Risk Assessment
  • Off-shore Survey Protocol
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Check
  • Satellite and wireless communication, remote access to field monitoring systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is a computer system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. GIS technology has been applied in diverse fields to assist experts and professionals in analyzing various types of geospatial data and dealing with complex situations. It can be applied in management and development of business, education, natural resources, tourism, transportations, etc.

GIS has been extensively utilized in environmental management and assessment and new trends continue to emerge. Recently the use of this tool in pollution dispersion modeling has provided great insights to knowledge and predictions of impacts. Simple –to-complex questions such as; how does the interaction between Land use and the environment change over time within a watershed? What are the negative impacts from carbon monoxide exposure from heavy vehicular traffic to a community? etc. have been answered using GIS tools.

EcoPro has a functional GIS laboratory and experienced personnel who can solve your needs using GIS tools. Some GIS services provided include:

GIS Analysis

  • Geospatial modeling and analysis
  • Geospatial simulation of chemical transport
  • Economic impact and geostatistical analysis
  • Management of watersheds, floodplains, wetlands, forests, aquifers

Remote Sensing

  • Land cover classification
  • Multispectral and hyperspectral image analysis
  • Change detection/ temporal analysis

Spatial Data

  • Acquisition, creation, and management
  • Standardization
  • Data mining
  • Web-based GIS

Health Impact Assessment

A direct relationship exists between environmental quality and human health. Changes in ambient air quality, ground and even surface water can have direct and/or indirect impacts on health, while measures aimed at reducing the effects of climate change could have huge health impacts.

HIA is a means of assessing the health impacts of policies, plans and projects in diverse economic sectors using quantitative, qualitative and participatory techniques.

Assessment of environmental impacts becomes even more comprehensive with health impact assessment, however due to policy stipulations and regulations these can be handled independently.

EcoPro has public health experts and technical partnership with health management professionals and scholars and utilizes these assets in providing HIA for its clients, either as a stand-alone study or as part of Environmental Impact Assessment studies. The company also provides industry-specific health impact studies for diverse sectors such as; Urban Transportation, Energy and Power, Water.

Human Resources Capacity Development

Human resource is the most important asset of any organization. A well trained team will easily work together to achieve set objectives and beat clients (and public) expectation. When it comes to environmental safeguards, every member of a team must be well informed.

The ability of the management team to effectively drive an organization to success in terms of safeguard the environmental, safety of the workforce as well as mutual relationship with host communities and the public, lies on having requisite knowledge. It is the knowledge that drives the operational philosophy of the organization and motivates team members to achieve set goals.

EcoPro has the expertise and capability to provide general and industry-specific capacity development for an organizations and its workforce. Specifically, the company can provide professional capacity building in the following areas inter alia:

  • Product life cycle analyses for performance improvement;
  • Environmental, Health and Safety (HSE) Management Policy;
  • Design and implementation of Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) activities;
  • Corporate Social and Environmental Performance Reporting etc.
  • Environmental Impacts Avoidance and Mitigation Strategies.

Project Feasibility Study (PFS)

Early understanding of the workability of a developmental project; either new (Greenfield) or modification of an existing one (Brownfield) is vital to its successful implementation. A very key and yet often over-sighted liability to project success is public opposition. Opposition either from the general public (local or international) or host communities could lead to delay or outright closure of project resulting to huge loss of resources.

Incorporation of environmental and social sustainability in the global feasibility studies for every proposed project is a veritable tool for overcoming this challenge, both in short and long term.

EcoPro has both the requisite human resources and experience to undertake feasibility studies of your proposed project, from the environmental and socioeconomic perspective, and recommend measures that will eliminate liability risks. A good feasibility report attracts investors and appeals to financiers.

EcoPro professionals have over the years developed adaptable models for project feasibility analyses that eliminate investment risks.

Safety and Personal Protective Equipment

Safety at work should be considered more essential than the work. Proper attitude and use appropriate safe paraphernalia are key approaches to guarantee that jobs are done incident and accident free.

EcoPro undertakes supplies and installation of safety equipment such as Alarm Systems, Fire-Fighting Devices, Air and Water Quality Monitoring Meters, etc.

The company also stocks and supplies Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as Cover-all, Safety boots, Hard Hats, ear protective devices, hand gloves, eye goggles, body harnesses, signage, etc.